About Me


Artist Statement

  Glass is my passion! I make glass beads by melting rods of Italian glass in a torch which is fired with oxygen and propane. My role is to coax the glass into shapes to form beads, all the while respecting the flow of the glass and its properties. The glass and I are equal partners in this creative process. I combine my art glass beads with my wirework to create one of a kind jewelry.     

The wonder of it all for me is that glass beadmaking is both art and science. My color journey began with exploring color, design and texture using textiles. Glass allows me to continue that  exploration and adds a dash of science to the mix. The colors in glass come from their metal content. Each behaves differently in the heat and reacts differently to the mix of the oxygen and propane. Using colors is combining metals in heat. The possibilities are endless and always exciting.    

My work seems to fall into two categories - whimsical and dramatic. Although these seem to be diametrically opposed to each other, I am inspired to make them both. My big bulky-looking hollow baubles are whimsical, fun and challenging, requiring attention to detail and technique. The raku pieces and leaves represent my more serious side.      

What will come next? I’m open to the journey and will follow the flow of the glass. 

My Bio


2001 Glass beadmaking with Corina Tettinger 2002 Glass beadmaking with Kate Fowle Meleney 2004 Advanced Wire Work - William Holland Lapidary School


2007 Cahoon Museum Tree-mendous Exhibit   

2009 Art Buzz Collection 2009 - Published

Juried Group Exhibitions: 

2006 Guyer Barn Harbor Your Arts Show 

2007 Cahoon Museum - Tree-mendous Exhibit 

2008 The Gallery at Twenty Pearl 

2009 Bristol Art Museum – Looking at Glass Exhibit 

2009 Pen and Brush - New York City

Juried Shows: 

Harbor Your Arts - Artist in Residence 

Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen 

Artisan’s Guild of Cape Cod 


William Holland Lapidary School  

Cahoon Museum of American Art Workshop 

Sandwich Community School  

Falmouth Night School 

Fire and Wire Studio